The Surge Experience Covering consist of: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit

Annette Rivers is the Founder, Visionary, Sr. Pastor, Chief Overseer, Movement Leader, and Managing Principal

Surge is on an assignment that is mandated by God to bring and demonstrate an awareness to the Kingdom of God while living on earth. Annette Rivers has been charged with carrying out this assignment, and she does so by demonstrating the mandate by Power, Love, and Deliverance. She has been called forth to smash and demolish movements that are connected with misrepresentations of the True and Living God, while repairing the breach so the enemy doesn’t have a foothold to return. SURGE goes to multiple churches, when led by the voice of God, to bring an awareness, so the church can move into the “Next Dimension”. Annette Rivers travels to leaders to bring them the Word from God to set their house in order.
The time is serious. SURGE: The Next Dimension seeks to propel the people of God forward so they are prepared for the return of the King of Glory.
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