The E-membership was created by Annette Rivers for you who are unable to attend a physical church due to being physically or emotionally impaired. Regardless of the condition, we love you to life and we are praying for your greater. We are excited to share a Spiritual Experience with you. Prepare and expect a life-changing encounter with God. He loves you unconditionally and wants nothing more than for you to experience His love, deliverance, and power.

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Are you seeking “the more,” but uncertain where or how to find it? Becoming an E-member is a great place to begin your due diligence. As an E-member, you will become a part of an uplifting and empowering ministry with a SURGE to impact and bring about a change in lives. There is an agenda. The agenda is for you to visit a local Surge near you. The experience will supersede that of an e membership. Until then, we welcome you as an E-member.

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