Our Staff

Individually our team members are professionally, skilled and experienced. Our team is heavily involved in the event conception. We learn our clients' vision and meeting objectives and together we brainstorm creative concepts that will create an awesome event experience.
We provide staff for any need that your meeting or event may have, from something as simple as holding signs and providing directions, to running a registration desk, to guiding personalized tours.

Event Planning

We offer full event planning services, detailed services for corporate meeting or special event, from large conferences to small meetings, including but not limited to audio and visual services.
Our planners listen to your goals and vision and then, develop the strategic plan for your event, that will create an unforgettable positive experience.
We work carefully with you through the entire process. From concept to completions. From initial planning, to theme development and on site coordination. All this will be done while maintaining and working within your budget.
We can create and ensure an experience of excellence for any event type; from global sales team, managing trade shows or product launches, hosting all-company meetings, multi-day conferences, holiday parties, building customer relationships or anything in between.

Stay Informed & In Control

Knowledge is power. With our online Summary tool, you will have 24 hour access to the the status of your event strategy. In addition to online summary, weekly updates will be made via email and phone to the designated person of your organization.

Our Services

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