SURGE was birthed out of an appetite for the more of God; it was birthed from a strong resolution to see the Kingdom of God made manifest, as it is written in the Word of God. God’s call for a higher conviction and standard was answered by the SURGE Visionary, Annette Rivers.
The Missouri Experience. Under the leadership of Annette Rivers, a team consisting of multiple individuals, from multiple states, and walks of life traveled to Missouri with a burning desire for the more of God. Unknowingly, they headed into what would be the first SURGE Experience. Mrs. Rivers received God-given direction regarding complacency of traditional values replacing them with Biblical truths.

New Level

SURGE the NEXT LEVEL. This process would take months but God continually placed His seal of approval on the meetings, the services and activities. Distress calls were answered from other ministries and SURGE began to fulfill the needs of the churches through prayer, fasting, and teaching. God had been watching and approving the direction, positioning those that would assist in the NEXT LEVEL assignment.

New Dimension

Annette Rivers has been the direct connection to the assignments, serving as God’s conduit and general in the SURGE Movement. There are times when the only order is, “go” and the rest is found in route, or, when the microphone touches the hand of Annette Rivers. Leaders have stood before their congregations with tears in their eyes and affirmed the assignment and the accuracy of the Word of God, without prior meeting of Annette Rivers. The results are clarified and amplified by the saints in the churches, filling the altars to receive a SURGE; the push for the Next Dimension.
SURGE was not given the mandate to function as the traditional, four-walls of a church building, but was given the charge to “repair the breach.” There are traditions and methodologies that have allowed the enemy into our houses of worship, corrupting our people and limiting access to the supernatural. God needs the Body of Christ to awaken to new possibilities, in order for our latter to be greater than our former. God is using SURGE as the jolt of electricity to get the heartbeat of God beating, the blood of Christ flowing, and the Body moving in unison with the perspective of Heaven.
We are Surgeons assigned to the Surge Movement on a Kingdom Assignment. We pray as Jesus prayed: let God’s will be done and His Kingdom manifest in us. Cities may change, people may shift, environments may change, but our prayer will remain constant until the Kingdom of God resides here fully.


“I didn’t know what my “yes” meant or even what the question was but I wanted to obey God more than I wanted to understand. I had always battled with what I would lose in giving my everything but I finally saw what I had gained holding back from God. God chose and trusted us with this assignment. We are rich in His presence; we are abundant in the experience of face to face encounters with the King of Glory." – Chelsea Soils
“She didn’t know why he chose us, but she obeyed without hesitation. We had multiple test and trials; we were stretched to our limits… What God said we said, when he moved we moved, when he said stop we stopped." – Willie Brown
“It takes an extraordinary person to lay down his life for you. It takes an extraordinary person to have your life planned out when you don’t have a clue. It takes an extraordinary person to love you unconditionally especially when your personalities and attitudes say differently. It takes an extraordinary person to make every single person feel special and loved and I am so grateful that God gave us this gift from above. My God is extraordinary! He never changes he is the same yesterday today and forever.” – Whitney Willis