SURGE INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE is a global alliance made available to senior pastors and ministry organizers who seek to align with their God given purpose and kingdom assignment for their life. Our goal is to provide Spiritual Leadership that will aide in identifying and fulfilling their destiny.

Pastors - We welcome the opportunity to join covenant with pastors of; start-up churches, redeveloping churches, and existing churches. Hearing and knowing the voice of God is pivotal for a shepherd in all stages and categories. Our goal is to provide Spiritual guidance and counsel for the pastors through each transition of their transformation.

Ministries - Our alliance extends beyond the senior or lead pastors. We realize that kingdom calling is not limited to pastors, and that every ministry is not behind a lectern. SIA, welcome ministry leaders and organizers to covenant with us. Together we will unveil the call, chosen, and sending that God placed on your life.

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