If you’ve ever had the opportunity to take part in a SURGE Experience, you’re aware of the glorious atmosphere and the compassion for the lost exhibited by the SURGEONS. Well, the SURGE Centers of America are established for God’s presence to dwell and to be a place of refuge from the contentions of the life and stress. SURGE is inspired to plant SURGE Centers in major metropolitan areas to address the needs of the surrounding communities.

Meant For More

The SURGE Centers of America are conceptualized as multi-purpose areas. SURGE Centers are not meant to add to the Church buildings in the metroplex but as a community of believers gathering to get things done for the Kingdom of God. The community of believers flowing through the SURGE are inspired to be the Church and not content with going to the building. Our community of buildings are being sent out to do building in the trenches , in the neighborhoods, wherever the Spirit leads. SURGE Centers are not looking for members, we are looking to inspire those who know they are meant for more.

Functionality Purposes Include



Operation Heal

Satellite Office

SURGE Experiences

Live Streaming

Workshops & Training

Theatre Style Seating