SURGE GROUP INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES created The Bridge Mentorship to aid in the effectiveness of the ministries and assistance with ministry leaders. Pastors and other Ministry Leaders are looked to for so much by so many but lay members rarely consider at the core, leaders are people too. Ask anyone that is successful and they will tell you that mentors helped them along the way. Mentors provide insight to circumstances that cut time off the struggles of the mentees. Mentees learn from the mistakes and achievements of their mentors. This isn't a foreign Christian concept either, but religious conforms have diminished in the effectiveness in these positions. Moses, the deliverer of Israel from Egypt, fell victim to it and lost his opportunity to cross over the Jordan. We want you to inherit every promise God has for you. We want you to pass every test or at least be prepared effectively.

Benefits of becoming a mentee are...

Ministry Training and Developmwnt (M.T.D.)

Fiscal Task

Outreach Opportunities

Access to the SURGE Community

Workshops & Training

Insight, tools and resources to enhance your ministry

Assessments/Evaluations for areas of improvement