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Surge Centers Of America [OLD]


The Surge Centers of America, LLC desires to acquire and construct centers of change in major metropolitan areas. Each Site will consist of an Operation and Transitional Program.

The Surge Center will help to transition homeless persons off the street by offering housing, resources, and training in an encouraging and trans formative environment.

The Surge Center is not a shelter but an opportunity for motivational transition.

  • A 360-day program consists of 4, 90 day periods (tiers)
  • Will establish measurable goals to build the confidence of our residents.
  • Provide residents with comfortable¬† living quarters.
  • Provide residents with continuing education resources
  • Assist residents with acquiring jobs.
  • Offer credit repair services
  • Provide family counsel and workshops to broken families and marriages
  • Provide workshops to implement transition
  • In-House financing for single family homes (upon completion of program)
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