Welcome to The Surge Experience Headquarters, Alexandria, Virginia.

The Surge Experience Campuses are established to make available to everyone, the opportunity to have a God Encounter. Each experience is focused and centered around lifting and edifying Christ. This is done by teaching the Truth of Jesus Christ. On any given Sunday, you are welcome to visit a local Surge Experience Campus Assembly.

Nothing is required of you; no financial obligation, no membership, no specific dress code. Come as you are, and experience an encounter with God. One encounter with God can be a life-changing experience for you.
In addition to Sunday praise and worship,  assembling is offered during the week. Find the campus nearest you, and watch local listing of current and upcoming events.

IF you are unable to attend a local assembly, find the virtual assembly link to the campus nearest you, and visit the assemble virtually.

Honored by your visit, Lead Pastor/Overseer
Annette Rivers