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Wednesday evenings, join The Surge Experience for Conversations that will offer informed commentary and discussion on topics and issues effecting our everyday lives.  We invite you to experience a relaxing atmosphere, with a subtle aroma of brewing coffee and hot tea. The pleasant scent of warm comfort food serviced by hospitality of excellence.  We value your time, thoughts, and interest.  Our first conversation segment will be “The Pursuit of Purpose.”  At some point everyone has at least thought, if not verbalized the question, “Why am I here?" Some have even carried the “gut feeling” there is something more for me in life. Café Conversation will assist each person in identifying, understanding, and pursuing YOUR purpose.  Each attendee will have the opportunity to purchase two books that support the conversation topic.

Destination Destiny, Annette Rivers

Forsaking All Others, In Pursuit of Purpose

by Vantashia Shontale

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